What we do

During the three years of the IN-GLOBAL project, the consortium gives administrative support to the regular meetings and activities of the Task Force on Enhancing Knowledge Sharing in the EHEA community and the Coordination Group on Global Policy Dialogue and assists these Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG) structures in their activities.

The project’s main objectives are to improve the circulation of good practices and tools within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), to involve stakeholders and to strengthen global dialogue on higher education policy development and implementation.

Project results

The IN-GLOBAL project shall lead to the improvement of knowledge sharing within the European Higher Education Area and to enhanced Global Policy Dialogue on Higher Education policy and development.

The main project outcomes are:

Translations of the 2020 Rome Communiqué in the languages of the European Higher Education Area (see below)

Report on the EHEA stakeholders’ perception of the Bologna Process*

Report on the international EHEA stakeholders’ perception of the Bologna Process*

Report on the EHEA promotion activities of the Bologna Process*

Guidelines on the internal and global communication of the EHEA*

EHEA toolkit for Bologna events*

*available soon

Rome Communique translation

Translations of the 2020 Rome Communiqué in the languages of the EHEA

2020 Rome Communiqué
2020 Rome Communiqué Annex I  – Statement on Academic Freedom
2020 Rome Communiqué Annex II – Principles and Guidelines to Strengthen the Social Dimension of Higher Education in the EHEA
2020 Rome Communiqué Annex III – Recommendations to National Authorities for the Enhancement of Higher Education Learning and Teaching in the EHEA

This is a collection of already existing translations and versions translated within the IN-GLOBAL project.

2020 Rome Communiqué – Albanian version**
Annex I – Albanian version**
Annex II – Albanian version**
Annex III – Albanian version**

2020 Rome Communiqué – Armenian version**
Annex  I – Armenian version**
Annex II – Armenian version**
Annex III – Armenian version**

2020 Rome Communiqué – Azerbaijani version**
Annex I – Azerbaijani version**
Annex II – Azerbaijani version**
Annex III – Azerbaijani version**

2020 Rome Communiqué – Bulgarian version**
Annex I – Bulgarian version**
Annex II – Bulgarian version**
Annex III – Bulgarian version**

2020 Rome Communiqué – Greek version**
Annex I – Greek version**
Annex II – Greek version**
Annex III – Greek version**

2020 Rome Communiqué – Hungarian version**
Annex I – Hungarian version**
Annex II – Hungarian version**
Annex III – Hungarian version**

2020 Rome Communiqué – Kazakh version***
Annex I – Kazakh version***
Annex II – Kazakh version***
Annex III – Kazakh version***

2020 Rome Communiqué – Macedonian version**
Annex I – Macedonian version**
Annex II – Macedonian version**
Annex III – Macedonian version**

2020 Rome Communiqué – Maltese version**
Annex I – Maltese version**
Annex II – Maltese version**
Annex III – Maltese version**

2020 Rome Communiqué – Montenegrin version**
Annex I – Montenegrin version**
Annex II – Montenegrin version**
Annex III – Montenegrin version**

2020 Rome Communiqué – Polish version***
Annex I – Polish version***
Annex II – Polish version***
Annex III – Polish version***

2020 Rome Communiqué – Portuguese version**
Annex I – Portuguese version**
Annex II – Portuguese version**
Annex III – Portuguese version**

2020 Rome Communiqué – Romanian version**
Annex I – Romanian version**
Annex II – Romanian version**
Annex III – Romanian version**

2020 Rome Communiqué – Serbian version***
Annex I – Serbian version**
Annex II – Serbian version**
Annex III – Serbian version**

2020 Rome Communiqué – Slovene version***
Annex I – Slovene version***
Annex II – Slovene version***
Annex III – Slovene version***

2020 Rome Communiqué – Ukrainian version***
Annex I – Ukrainian version***
Annex II – Ukrainian version***
Annex III – Ukrainian version***

** translation Co-funded within the IN-GLOBAL project
*** translation financed with other funds

Rome Communique translation